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Presence - Clown Workout for the Corporate Environment 

Applied Clown training is a journey at the core of human communication. 


In an atmosphere of intense fun and safety, it reveals and amplifies the conscious and unconscious elements of your presence, whether your “audience” is one person or a whole group/team.

It gives you immediate non-theoretical feedback on your habitual presentation preferences, especially in a stressful situation.

It offers clear opportunities to try refreshing new patterns of reaction, simultaneously challenged and supported by the whole group.

With innovative and very engaging exercises and games, you’ll have the chance to lead and being led, thus understanding how you can be better at both.

This process releases blocked energy, emotional power and impact clarifying how you are most authentic. 



In short, you can expect to make clear advances in:

- increasing your emotional intelligence, together with the capacity for empathy towards yourself and others

- building experiential knowledge of how you present yourself and what is your effect on other people

- releasing blocked energy, emotional power and impact clarifying how you are most authentic 

- developing your spontaneity and capacity to take risks and adapt to unpredictable situations

- training you to use “mistakes” and failure as the source of all new things and creativity

- clarifying how to work a team/group in a way to keep it vibrant and highly motivated

- bringing fun and life to all the steps of your process and work

- laugh all the way through the process.


The final result of the process is beautiful humanity, authentic charm and natural charisma!

Group Preparation work

Warm-ups, Icebreakers, Team Building Dynamics and Preparations 


All the exercises and games I use are totally practical and 100% fun. They are different to what executive people have tried in the past. Therefore, they play with the element of surprise to cut through any possible judgement or preconception. Participants will be challenged to react on their feet without thinking, in a state of spontaneity and here-and-nowness. They will be prompted and supported in every step, also with the energy unleashed within the group. Every game has a very clear set of rules, which constitute the safe frame inside which all the folly and deeply interesting material can co-exist with absolutely no danger.


Our Warm-ups, Icebreakers, Team Building Dynamics and Preparations guarantee that a group will:


- Be transformed

- Have mind connected to body experience

- Experience the group as a safe place to risk, make mistakes and be out of control

- Be connected among all participants, with flowing communication 

- Have laughed a lot and released a lot of tension

- Be free to focus and ready to approach any task

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